Financial Planning is a process that enables you to take control of your finances, and to use them to move positively towards your stated objectives.

The financial planning process consists of six key steps:

Step 1

Initial exploratory discussion

A brief meeting to explain our services, discuss your situation and understand and agree how we may work together to help achieve your financial objectives.

Step 2

Factfinding meeting

We meet to gather detailed information on your current financial situation, understand in depth your key goals and objectives, financial priorities, time frames, as well as your attitude to risk.

Step 3


Based on the information you provide us with, we will analyse your situation and provide you with a detailed financial report with specific proposals.

Step 4


Once you have received your financial plan and had time to review it, we sit down to discuss the proposals, answer any questions you may have and agree the next steps.

Step 5

Action Plan

This is where we put in place the proposals as agreed at the previous meeting, and start to make your money work for you.

Step 6

Review meeting

We agree to meet on a regular basis to ensure you remain on track for your financial goals.

Lifetime Cashflow Forecasting

Our approach, via the above six-stage process, will always involve a qualitative assessment of your current situation and future objectives, including an in-depth review of your attitude to Investment risk.

Financial planning, however; should not be based on equity or bond markets and their performance, nor on financial products, but on hard facts. This means planning based on financial figures, time frames and an accurate assessment of risk; Cashflow Forecasting is a process whereby your current financial situation is measured against a stated future objective. Often, but not always, this will be retirement. The aim is to calculate whether or not you are on target to achieve your goal.

With this process, you get clarity on your future objectives and the peace of mind of knowing you have identified and are working towards achieving your financial goals.

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