Blackden Financial, established in Switzerland since 2003, offers independent financial planning advice to international clients and their families.

We provide peace of mind to our clients through our tailored financial planning advice solutions, designed to simplify the complexities associated with cross-border wealth management.


We believe that you are more likely to succeed in life when you have a plan, and the same applies to managing your money. Everyone, no matter what their stage of life, can benefit from lifestyle financial planning. Throughout your life, your needs and aspirations, as well as your income, assets and outgoings, will change and no financial position is, or remains, static for long. This makes it vital that the advice you receive is not only tailored to your individual circumstances, but is also reviewed on a regular basis.

Christopher Marriott: Founder and Chairman

We have a senior team of qualified advisors, highly experienced in financial planning and with decades of experience in broader commercial markets and sectors.

Tailored Advice

Everyone should have a financial plan, regardless of their stage in life, however since everyone’s needs are different, so their financial plan should be personally designed and individually tailored. We start by getting to understand your present situation, as well as your future goals and aspirations. We will provide you with a comprehensive report designed to help you achieve your objectives and once your plan is in place, we are committed to helping you review and keep it on track.


We consider that advising on your personal wealth is our personal responsibility. Our services are underpinned by a disciplined, rigorous approach, including Investment Risk Profiling and Lifetime Cash Flow Analysis, helping you to make well-informed long-term decisions.

Investing partners

We work with the main investment firms to provide the best solution for our clients.

As financial planners, we know our profession inside out, but we also know our limitations, and where we cannot help, such as for example with tax or legal advice, we have a broad network of other professionals to whom we can refer, mostly offering multilingual services including English, who can assist.