Here at Blackden, specialising in financial planning and wealth management for expatriates, we have developed a range of investment solutions for clients living in, or planning a move to, Switzerland. When looking at the marketplace, however, it struck us that – although seeking professional financial guidance is sensible – the overall advice costs can be eye-wateringly high. Our experience tells us that these costs are not always openly disclosed, leading to an iceberg type cost structure. 

Frequently, these inflated costs are by way of high commissions and / or set-up fees which can significantly reduce the return from your investments.  The question to ask is whether it is truly worth sheltering hard-earned wealth in multi-layered, contract-based investment accounts when such high costs are involved? 

What if?

All advice costs were transparent and not loaded with up-front, fixed or increased costs over many years?

What if?

High initial commissions were replaced with clearly explained, itemised advice charges?

What if?

You could have 24/7 access to your portfolio with the latest secure online technology?

Reading this now, you have probably guessed…that’s exactly what we’ve created!!

We have created our Portfolio Review Report service, which aims to reduce your costs, cut out unnecessary expense and maximise your returns.

The content of our report will include:

  • Analysis of your existing product structure for unnecessary fixed costs.
  • Notification of any lock in periods and / or exit fees.
  • Portfolio performance (compared to validated benchmarks).
  • Advice on the liquidity of your assets. Are they likely to be tradeable under conditions of market stress?
  • Review of your investment objectives / plan rated to identify any immediate needs or gaps.
  • Comprehensive strategic proposals to help you take action to address immediate needs, plan appropriately for the medium-term as well as longer-term and optimise your investment returns.

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