Tax is an issue which applies to everyone, but is especially relevant to the world of the expat. From the date you arrive in a foreign country, you have a new set of tax rules to deal with and, if you have pension, property or investments in more than one country, then you begin to face cross-border tax issues as well.

Potential taxes may include tax on pensions, property, income, capital gains or inheritance and if you have assets of any sort in more than one country you should ensure you have taken the relevant advice.

As an expat however, your residency status abroad can potentially deliver tax benefits, but planning ahead is crucial, both to ensure you don’t pay any more tax than is necessary, and also to benefit from tax planning opportunities.

As financial planners, whilst we are not tax advisors, we have an innate understanding of the importance of tax planning, and our experienced advisors, can, as expats themselves, help guide you in the right direction to make sure you maximise the opportunities available.

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