Blackden Financial is delighted to have partnered with Patterson-Mills Financial Planning Ltd. This partnership enables us to offer distinctive end-to-end solutions to those who are either moving to or relocating from the UK or Switzerland.

Patterson-Mills Financial Planning was founded in 2011 by Edward Mills, who has over 35 years’ experience in the sector and has the UK’s Gold Standard in financial planning qualifications.

The emphasis at Patterson-Mills is on putting the client at the forefront of the advice process, so ensuring its own objectives as a business are completely aligned to that of its client. At the same time, Patterson-Mills remains competitively priced and provides access to quality fund management with holistic advice around tax planning opportunities, including the growing area of more specialist tax-relievable, non-pension, investment structures.

We believe that the synergy between our two companies is of great benefit to our clientele; you are now able to continue with our comprehensive service wherever you are. Blackden Financial and Patterson-Mills have a shared vision that everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in, can benefit from independent financial planning, which is now even more accessible to all.

Returning to the

If you are returning to the UK, please note that financial adviser firms situated outside the UK would usually be unable to accommodate your financial management needs once you return to being a UK resident.This is the case regardless of whether the investments you have abroad are to remain in place, or you plan to transfer things to UK-based options. The rare exception would be if an international adviser firm has UK regulatory licensing already in place.
Cross border Financial Planning

Important financial protection

Extreme care should be taken if your existing overseas adviser suggests that you can continue to be advised by them once you are back in the UK. In particular, you will not benefit from financial protection as you would be if you were to receive advice from a UK-based and regulated adviser firm. These important protections include the:

1. Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

2. Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

3. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)*

*cover that the adviser firm must have to adequately protect its UK clients in the event of a financial loss being deemed due to advice given.

Regrettably, we have come across overseas adviser firms that are unaware of the above rules and regulations, and who continue to try to advise returning UK resident clients. Newly returned UK resident clients may be advised, even if inadvertently, to contravene some UK tax rules and regulations, potentially incurring the wrath of HMRC in so doing!


Fortunately, whether or not you are a current client of Blackden Financial, we can offer you the right advisory solution if you are moving to the UK.

This is because we have a close international link via Patterson-Mills in the UK, along with our own EU partners. This connection, combined with our additional knowledge of the UK-centric offshore centres (e.g. Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey) means that:

  • Your overseas investments can be updated to take advantage of UK offshore taxation rules for international investment products
  • Your investments within the relevant products you may have can be updated in line with your risk profile and ongoing evolving objectives
  • Our distinctive investment management approach can help you decide how best to run your overseas investments with full tax transparency as needed
Blackden was also selected recently as one of a small number of firms listed to provide Financial Planning advice to staff members at GAVI Alliance in Geneva.

Whether you are still overseas, or have already arrived back in the UK, our partnership with Patterson-Mills means that we can help. Due to our regulated international links, we can review what you have in place before you leave and make recommendations so that you can plan your preferred next steps when back in the UK.

Our solutions, as always, are aimed at keeping your costs down, investment performance up and to ensure you benefit from qualified, regulated advice in the relevant jurisdiction.

Find out more now, whether you’re returning to the UK soon or are just in the planning stages. You have nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain. Just email, phone or complete our contact form