Welcome To Blackden Financial

Established in 2003, Blackden Financial is a boutique, Swiss - based financial services company, specialising in offering independent and impartial asset management and financial planning advice to the international community throughout Switzerland and beyond.

Our reputation as a dynamic and innovative company is based on the premise of transparency, integrity and impartiality and we believe in developing a long-term working relationship with our clients, placing particular emphasis on handling clients' affairs discreetly and responsibly.

With a broad range of experience and expertise within the company, we offer an extensive range of services, including independent financial planning for private clients and asset management services for both private and institutional clients.


  • Pensions

    With rapidly changing global demographics and an increasing longevity in the developed world, most of us can now ...

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  • Investments

    The first step towards a more effective investment strategy is deciding exactly what you are investing for. Your investment ...

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  • Financial Planning

    As professional Independent Financial Advisers, the Blackden Financial consultants are authorised to deal with various forms ...

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Our Areas of Expertise

Whether you are relocating or looking to buy the perfect family home, a mortgage is a commitment that nearly everyone undertakes. As independent mortgage advisors we have no obligation to any bank
Throughout your life you find yourself with different financial goals, which create a need to revaluate the overall picture. There are so many issues to consider when planning one's financial future
Estate Planning
Estate planning is sometimes thought of as only being relevant for the very wealthy, however in practice it is relevant for anyone who has a family and /or is concerned about what would happen in the event of their